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the vanguard (Oliver W. Hill等)

a pioneer of standards-based design movement

New York City's cabbies

Lawrence Miles ( -1986) Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering

Yahoo officials misrepresented the company's role

Role model

My way or the highway

Sony 數位相機出現品質問題

On Point Business buzzwords - Your examples

寄 寄售 寄賣

Letters: English in Taiwan

National Wind Watch



“food miles” no-brainer life cycle assessments

interestingly hooded eyes

一聽 a tin (can)

肥滿 肥満体恐怖症

Please Stop Gawking. Go-Home watch it on TV.

Please Stop Hawking. Go-Home watch it on TV.

But we go on shopping and gawking and hawking.

松浦理英子(1958- Rieko Matsuura,

1980「肥満体恐怖症」"Himantai Kyofusho" (Obesity phobia),を『文學界』に発表

"Himantai Kyofusho" (Obesity phobia), a short story by Rieko Matsuura,

: 視線の交差. Judith Butler and Rieko Matsuura :



ドイツで広告でも店頭でもよく目に付くのが、ギャランティー(Garantie)といわれる商品保証。壊れたら買い換えればいいかな、という日本 では保証期間がどのくらいなんてあまり気にしないで購入していた覚えがありますが、ドイツに来てから、購入する時に保証が付くのかどうかと保証期間を店員 さんに必ず聞くようになりました。

ブランドキッチン用品や電化製品は必ずといっていいほど、最低2年くらいは保証期間があるので、購入するときはちょっと高いなと思っても保証が付いている ほうが後でお得だったりします。購入する際に必ずチェックしてほしいのが、破損した場合無償修理、または新品と交換してもらえるのかどうか。購入後は、レ シートをすぐに保管しておくこと。これがないと保証してもらえません。整理・保管しておくのはちょっと面倒だけど、何があるかわかないものです。私の場 合、わかりやすく何年保証なのかをレシートに記入して、レシートと保証書を一緒にして、領収書ファイルに保管しています。

フィスラー社のおなべセットを購入。購入後2年以内にガラスなべのふたのプラスチック取っ手が熱により割れてしまったので、そのことをメールにて尋ねる と、早速無料で交換部品が宅急便で届きました。やはり大手は違う!ドイツは通常対応が遅くて、いらいらさせられるのですが、こんなに早くに解決!

20070807日(火) written by まっちょ from (ドイツ)

交通大學 吳立人 電信訓練所


The real Rowling's hair is sort of gold, although at the moment it has about an inch of dark roots. Which is understandable, since in the past six months she has given birth to her third child--daughter Mackenzie--and completed the sixth book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which was released promptly at midnight on Friday. At 39, Rowling is a tall handsome woman with a long face, a slightly crooked nose and interestingly hooded eyes. Sitting at a conference table in a bungalow adjoining her stately Edinburgh home (neither her only nor her stateliest home), she talks rapidly, even a little nervously. She uses the word obviously way more often than the average person does, and she likes to say outrageous things, then break out into fits of throaty alto laughter to show you she's just joking. Rowling wears all black--a floppy black sweater, black pants. A glance under the table reveals shiny black leather boots with steel spike heels that are, at the very least, three inches long.

J.K. Rowling Hogwarts And All

As the much awaited Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives in stores, J.K. Rowling talks frankly to Lev Grossman about fantasy, fathers and how the magic is almost over



Posted Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005

By way of Webservices.Org, details have emerged on IBM’s Project Zero, which is, to quote, “an incubator project started within IBM that is focused on the agile development of the next generation of dynamic Web applications.”

IBM’s long-rumored RESTy WebSphere successor? The project provides free development code — based on Groovy and PHP — than enables end users to build mainly “REST-style services, integration mash-ups and rich Web interfaces.”

IBM has opened the effort to a Community Driven Commercial Development process. Why call it “Project Zero” other than to sound cool and edgy? Project leaders say “Zero is a reminder of the project’s aspirations: Zero unnecessary overhead and complexity. Zero barriers to success. Zero of what you don’t need.”

Very much in tune with the philosophy of Web 2.0 stuff.

Some commentators are surprised to see people at IBM now actively embracing REST:

“They are betting on both horses. In the enterprise they will still be waving PPT-ware touting the value of WebSphere-hosted WSDL-based SOA infrastructures. Then in Web 2.0 land they will be denouncing it and saying that REST is the future.”

No surprise here. That’s the IBM way.

On Point

Directly applicable or dispositive of the matter under consideration.

A statute or case is "on point" if it has direct application to the facts of a case currently before a tribunal for determination.

Mr. Bell raised money from Draper Richards earlier this year and got an email from Mr. Hartenbaum after their meeting asking him to visit TheFunded and rate the firm. Mr. Bell complied. His lengthy review, written after Draper Richards had invested in his start-up, praised Mr. Hartenbaum and partner Bill Draper for asking "great on-point questions," and said Shangby was "super-excited to have them involved."

Web Site Puts the 'Vent' Into Venture Capital

August 7, 2007

Monday, 21 February, 2000, 10:27 GMT

Business buzzwords - Your examples


One of my American bosses at the bank in which I work overuses the phrase "on point", e.g. "We have John on point to deal with the futures downloads"
Scud, UK

Think outside the box
Let's take that offline
Lets park that
Go round the buoy
The wolf closest to the sledge
Drivers for change
Double whammy
Slice and dice the data
Big hand little map
Down amongst the weeds
Picking the lowest-hanging fruit
Get your ducks in a row
Comfort zone
Does it change the price of fish
Throwing teddy out of the cot
We don't want to wind ourselves round the axle on this.
Lights-out management
I have the ball
Biting off an entire elephant
It's a wrap.
Die in a ditch/fall on our sword
Warm and fuzzy
Let's not have the victory parade until we've won the battle.
John Kent,



The term Role model was introduced by Robert K. Merton [1]. Merton says that individuals compare themselves with "reference groups" of people who occupy the social role to which the individual aspires. [2]. The term has passed into general use to mean any person who is an example to others.


  1. ^ Robert K. Merton article on Wikipedia
  2. ^ article about Merton by Gerald Holton

VA/VE 價值分析與價值工程(value analysis/engineering). 用以簡化產品組成及製造流程以降低成本或提高價值之分析方法. 本產品/服務提供顧客什麼價值; 本產品/服務的成本; 使用何種零件/材料/製作方式/製作工具?對上述兩項問題的影響? .

Lawrence Miles( -1986) Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering 第二版

價值分析與價值工程 /林大介譯/. 台北市:/協志工業叢書,1982


Lawrence D. Miles Value Engineering Reference Center: Wendt Library

Congressional investigators plan to look into whether Yahoo officials misrepresented the company's role in the arrest of a Chinese journalist sentenced to a decade in jail.

據報可能有談颱風 清晨"近空大響雷"相當難聞
adsense"1500結" 是136 pages 零擊
1535 拿"品質月刊:出去 微雨 只看張忠孝訃聞
發現新樟樹 (游泳池前)

過辛亥路 停大捐血車和一隊計程車 整排生意似乎都不好 唯獨水餃 (似乎曾增加7位工人 並加一鹵味灘) 一位客人說他上次跟老闆說過 實在太鹹(這次他幫別人買)

最驚訝他信真佛宗 盧先生 早已移民西雅圖 現在每月回來工作 小孩一為lawyer 一忘記 周日見 他幾乎email等都交由秘書
internet找不到 吳立人 他們基本上是另外世界的人