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今晨貼:"桃・柿育英会" (應該了解他從Osaka出發)的簡單說明,可參考:安藤忠雄【我的人生履歷書】台北:聯經,2012,頁249-52。其實有趣的其落實的過程與故事 (譬如捐贈者多為女性;80歲捐贈者說自己無法保證再活十年 (捐款錢要承諾序捐10年)......Tadao ANDO先生書中說的消耗日本創造力、活力最巨的教育制度,與台灣的類似。

"桃・柿育英会"的簡單說明,可參考:安藤忠雄【我的人生履歷書】台北:聯經,2012,頁249-52 Q7. 阪神・淡路大震災の遺児育英資金だった「桃・柿育英会」の概要は? 「桃・柿育英会/阪神・淡路大震災遺児育英資金」は、震災で親を亡くした子供たちが、今後も健やかに成長...
上周報導的,台大校門口抗議校長未處理工業工程所某教師......今天加強火力,改成透風帳篷 (內有人把守?)
據說,T台假造新聞說,行政院有什大南海計畫,要將植物園..... (近來此台假新聞特多些?)
今天才細看......積極引導討論 參加經驗分享。
The Arcade Project

3.18.~5.28, 1871

The Arcade Project

Victor Hugo� in Notre-Dame de Paris, on the Bourse: �'If it he the rule that the architecture of a building should he adapted to its function, ... we can hardly wonder enough at a monument which might equally well be a king's palace, a house of commons, a town hall, a college, a riding school, an academy, a warehouse, a law court, a museum, a barracks, a sepulcher, a temple, or a theater. For the present, it is a stock exchange .... It is a stock exchange in France just as it would have been a temple in Greece .... We have the colonnade encircling the monument, beneath which, on days of high religious solemnity, the theory of stockbrokers and jobbers can be majestically expounded. These, for sure, are very stately monuments. If we add to them many fine streets, as amusing and diverse as the Rue de Rivoli, then I do not despair but that one day a balloon's-eye view of Paris will offer us that wealth of lines, ... that diversity of aspect, that somehow ... unexpected beauty, which characterizes a checkerhoard." Victor Hugo, Oeuvres completes, novels, vol. 3 (Paris, 1880), pp. 206-207 (Notre-Dame de Paris). II [F6a,1]

Rue de Rivoli 的褒貶:聖母院:有趣多樣....As daft as ~
He also coined the expression, “it’s daft like the rue de Rivoli”, the east-west artery, opened successively by the two Napoleons. 完成約1948?

" When the French went into Italy to maintain the rights of the throne of France over the duchy of Milan and the kingdom of Naples, they returned home quite amazed at the precautions which Italian genius had taken against the excessive heat; and, in admiration of the arcaded galleries, they strove to imitate them. The rainy climate of Paris, with its celebrated mud and mire, suggested the pillars, which were a marvel in the old days. Here, much later on, was the impetus for the Place Royale. A strange thing! It was in keeping with the same motifs that, under Napoleon, the Rue de Rivoli, the Rue de Castiglione, and the famous Rue des Colonnes were constructed." The turban came out of Egypt in this manner as well. Le Diable a Paris (Paris, 1845), vol. 2, pp. 11-12 (Balzac, "Ce qui disparalt de Paris").


Napoleon Gaillard: builder of the mighty barricade that, in 1871, stood at the entrance of the Rue Royale and the Rue de Rivoli.

Political cartoons represented "Paris as bounded by the wharves of the English Channel and those of the south of France, by the highways of the Rhine valley and of Spain; or, according to Cham, as the city which gets for Christmas the houses in the suburbs! ... One caricature shows the Rue de Rivoli stretching to the horizon." Georges Laronze, Le Baron Haussmann (Paris, 1932), pp. 148-149.

A larger-than-life phenomenon, Hugo’s writing was intertwined with the career of a parliamentarian, fighting battles on all fronts: for the abolition of the death penalty, against poverty, and for liberty. Heaven knows how he found the time to also travel extensively, leave a legacy of 4,000 drawings and various pieces of hand-carved furniture, now on display in Hauteville House in Guernsey and in his museum in Paris. His sex drive was also on a par with the rest – witness his wedding night, during which he is said to have “honoured” his wife nine times, followed by an unflagging sex life with all and sundry, endured by his lifelong mistress, Juliette Drouet, who resigned herself to finding comfort in their exchange of some 20,000 love missives.

當時我處負責書的製作,不過,我另外每年捐2萬元 (人文促進基金會)給系上的辦事員,要求請工讀生,設計講座海報或書籍封面 (可以同一;2本書)。

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美國動畫家Bill Plympton的經典作品《戒煙方法25種》,小時候常守著MTV台等這個,他們會在廣告時段偶爾插播一段,東看一則西看一則,總是看不全。直到將近三十年後的現在才能一口氣看完,也才不到五分鐘。

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這家叫:Bastille https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille
變化少點的是某書店,內部的新書有:雷震的辯白;跟米其林廚師遊巴黎,法國人的想法How the French Think: An Affectionate...by Sudhir Hazareesingh (650元)......高雄款、書聲......