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0601 2013 六

著名建築師Toyo Ito 的漢字讀法曾引起討論
我認為語言是約定俗成的. 現在你將Toyota讀成禮田就很怪啦!
最重要的是用Toyo Ito YouTube 找影片學習.

Serpentine Gallery, London/Serpentine Gallery Pavilion (Toyo Ito in 2002) http://hclectures.blogspot.tw/2013/03/serpentine-gallery-london.html

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion (Toyo Ito in 2002) 參考
(短網址) 是我跟朋友Onionhead Cerebrum 學來的
Onionhead 寫道: 「原文頁址可能中英夾雜拉長位址長度,使用Google 的短網址系統簡化後較容易插入內文中段落。」: http://goo.gl/ )

英國倫敦肯辛頓公園Serpentine Gallery內的涼亭Serpentine Gallery Pavilion就獨樹一格,在涼亭設計上搞搞新意思。


一大早6:37 fb 可能花數分中快速瀏覽  英美教育


川瀬先生來訪至午後5點 (只一杯茶招待)
補寄2009年在報紙資料庫的一些日本名人小林旭等8-9人訪台之報導. (建議他用Gmail)
 討論張深切/ 張深切全集(全12卷) 也只是他一生的部分
民俗知識: 70歲以後不身體撿/ 癌症治療法之破壞性.....
請教手臂痛的自然甩手法. (李筱峰的腰痛故事)......
他不 知道FB等的"意義"是什麼 (李老師懶得回答許多"提問)

這部1946台灣才播 第3部的電影名稱與其書不同
Les Misérables is a 1934 film adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel of the same name. It was written and directed by Raymond Bernard and stars Harry Baur as Jean Valjean and Charles Vanel as Javert. The film lasts four and a half hours and is considered by critics to be the greatest adaptation of the novel, due to its in-depth development of the themes and characters in comparison with most shorter adaptations.[1][2][3]
It was released as three films that premiered over a period of three weeks.[citation needed]
  • Part One: Une tempête sous un crâne (Tempest in a Skull)
  • Part Two: Les Thénardier (The Thenardiers)
  • Part Three: Liberté, liberté chérie (Freedom, dear Freedom)



這篇文章讓人想起了胡適與江冬秀. (莫名其妙的聯想)

The Powers to Lead

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Reviews and Awards

"Mr. Nye has performed a valuable service in rounding up and summarizing the various academic studies and theories of leadership into a single, slim volume. He examines different approaches to leadership, the morality of leadership and how the wider context can determine the effectiveness of a particular leader. There are plenty of anecdotes and examples, both historical and contemporary, political and corporate."--The Economist
"This excellent book offers important insight into leadership with valuable analysis and anecdotes for leaders and aspiring leaders."--Booklist
"The Powers to Lead at once ranges broadly and is concise. Anecdotes run from Lyndon Johnson and Jack Welch to Mahatma Gandhi...and the book treats the latest "leadership as process" theories alongside Machiavellian realism and Lao Tzu's self-effacing style. All these, together with many sensible suggestions for advancing oneself, are presented with a clear focus on power and group needs."--New York Sun
"A lucid...survey of leadership studies, touching on everything from bonobo behavior to Freudian psychology... with references to noted leaders like former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, Lincoln, Hitler and Subcomandante Marcos."--Publishers Weekly
"Finally, a book that analyzes what leadership really means and how it relates to power. It will be invaluable for both political and business leaders alike. Nye developed the concept of hard and soft power, and now he shows how the best leaders use both in a smart way."--Walter Isaacson, author of Einstein: His Life and Universe, and President, the Aspen Institute
"The Powers to Lead is an outstanding primer on leadership and all its dimensions. Nye cuts through the many bromides surrounding the subject to present a sharp, gracefully written introduction to leadership that will benefit anyone from Washington to Wall Street."--General Brent Scowcroft, former U.S. National Security Advisor
"Nye has written better and more creatively on the importance of soft power as a political and diplomatic weapon than anyone else. Now he brings this knowledge and all his governmental and academic experience to bear on the oldest question in politics-how do leaders emerge and what distinguishes the good ones from the bad? There couldn't be a better primer for a presidential election year, in which all of us, whether or not we are American citizens, have such a big stake."--Chris Patten, Chancellor of Oxford University
"This book will change not only the way leaders think about how they themselves should use power-but also how they can respond more creatively and effectively to others' power moves. This book will-and should-find a permanent place on the bookshelves of academics and practitioners alike."--Roderick M. Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"This book represents an important intellectual odyssey. Nye has long been acclaimed as one of the world's foremost thinkers about international affairs, helping us understand, for example, the differences between soft and hard power. Now, to our great good fortune, he has turned his mind to the vexing questions of how power relates to leadership. The result is a conceptual tour de force-one of the best works on leadership since James MacGregor Burns wrote his breakthrough book three decades ago. What a splendid journey!"--David Gergen, Professor of Public Service and Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

有 人在問:
" 最令你吃驚的事實是什麼?"
得 到了56個回答。其中最震撼我 的,是下面的回答:
" 人生只有900個月。"
我 從沒意識到,人生可以短暫到如 此精確。回想剛剛過去的四月 份,不過就是一眨眼的時間,但 是人生的900分之一就已經消 失了,真是恐怖啊。
事 實上,你可以畫一個30x30 的表格,一張A4紙就夠了。每 過一個月,就在一個格子裡打 鉤。你全部的人生就在這張紙 上。你會因此有一個清晰的概 念:你的人生是如何蹉跎的。
下 面轉載美國攝影師Tom Hussey的作品《A Mirrored Memory》(鏡中回憶)。